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Before starting I must tell you that this is not spamming Training so if you are here to learn spamming you should just leave this page because it is not for You.

Email traffic is usually known as free traffic source. Because you can send Emails to your Subscribers any time you want without paying for ads again. But this traffic source is not completely free as you are paying Email Service Providers to send Emails Each and Every Month.
But there is way to send Unlimited Emails for Free Without paying Monthly fee to Email Service Providers.

No, I am not taking about the free Plans Provided by Other Emails Services Providers. This Something Different.
You can Send Emails for Yourself, your friends and Clients. You can also Create and Scale this to Make Email Marketing business, sell these services to Generate Recurring Income like other Email Service Providers are doing such as Aweber, Mailchimp, and Many More.

But First Let’s See How much Mailchimp will Charge Me to send Emails to My List.
Let’s Choose Premium Plan. Because we don’t want any limitations.
If you have List of 10k Subscribers you will be charged $299 every month.

If you have List of 15k Subscribers you will be charged $370 every month.
If you have List of 20k Subscribers you will be charged $420 every month.
But you can send Unlimited Emails with no limitations for free.
This Something nobody is taking about because Few People Know about it,
and the people who are telling you to buy from Email Service Providers,
Get Commissions when you purchase using their links.

At Facebook, In Blogs, on YouTube or at any other you will see People Promoting Email service providers because they get Commissions.
Email Service Providers are limiting to Sending Volume and Subscribers to Make you choose between their different plans and up sale that same features you can get for free.
This is how Email Service Providers are Making Millions of Dollars Each and Every Month.
Email Service Providers Are Sending Billions of Emails Every month and Total cost of Sending Billions of Emails is $0. 
These Email Service Providers Have their own Mailing Servers Which send Unlimited Emails for Absolutely free, they Are only paying Few Hundred dollars to host Their Mailing Servers on the Cloud.

After months of research And Hard work I was able to Make My Own Mailing System that Cost me $0 but It was powerful enough to Send Millions of Emails Every Day with no contact limitations, with full control and without Monthly Fee.

we can Send Unlimited Emails without any contacts limitations and Email Service Providers are selling these services limiting you contact size and send volumes to Make You Choose between their different plans and Upselling you the same features that You Can Get for Free.

By Making your Own Mailing System you can Get Features like
Creating Forms, landing pages Surveys, Tagging, segmentation and easy integration with millions of plugins, Softwares and Websites online.

Even Email Service Providers Do have these Features They Will Probably upsell you.
Is making Your Own Mailing System hard?
You Might Be Thinking that making Your Own Mailing System is hard or Only Big Companies and Experts Can Do this.

Yes, but not any More Because I Have Break It Down into Easy to Follow 5 Step System So Anybody Can Copy Paste and make their own Mailing System Easily and fast.
I Spent two months Straight to Make this System Easy to Follow So Any Body with any Background Will be able to Make their own Mailing System.

This 5 Step System is so Easy that my younger brother who is just 14 Years old was able to make his own Mailing System all by himself.
Before Discovering this system, I Ask an Expert to Make Mailing System for me. He Asked $2000 in First Payment and $300 A Month for Maintenance.
With My 5 Step System You Don’t Need That Much Money to make your Own Mailing System.

Why pay monthly fee to do the same things you can do for free. Rather than spending money on Email Service Providers, why not Run Ads to Grow your Email List?
Why not make money instead of paying money?

As I said Before You Can Create your Own Email Service provider business and make Extra Recurring Money Every month. By Doing the Same Things as other Email Service Providers Are Doing.
Cost of this Business Is Very Low that your profits Will be too high.

This Is Actually Happening. I know Some People Doing the Same.
I Know a person Who is Selling These Services to Make money on Autopilot each and Every Month.

In fact, one of My Students Have More than 140 paying Customers and He Makes $20 to $300 From Each Customer.
There Are no limitations on how many Emails You Should Send, How Frequently you are Should Send or how Big You Email List is. Because you Have Full Control.
Alright, let’s Get Started with 5 Step System.
Here is 5 Step System You need To Make you Own Mailing System
It is little bit confusing but don’t worry we will dive in  
The First Step Is to Make your Own Private Server.
This Server will Run 24/7 on Cloud to host your Mailing System. This is Important Because We Want to Send Emails Any Time and from Any Where in the World.

By making your own Private Server you don’t have to Worry about Hosting Mail Server on Your System. You Don’t Have to Worry about Maintenance and Other Technical Stuff Either.
Second Steps is to Convert Server into a Mail Server
The Second Steps Is to Convert this Server into a Mail Server, so you will be able to send Unlimited Email any time and from Any Where in the World. 

This Server Will Take Care of all Incoming and outgoing Emails. This Server Will Handel Everything for You, so you don’t need to worry about Technical Stuff.
The Third Step is to Make an Auto Responder
We Know the Importance of Automation in Business so we will also Make Our Own Auto Responder to automate our Email Marketing.

This Auto Responder Will Take Care of New Subscribers, Schedule Emails, Broadcast Emails, Forms, Landing pages and Much More. After this Step you will have your Own Auto responder and you don’t need to pay for it.

Forth Step is to Connect Mail Server with Autoresponder
After Setting up you Mail Server and Autoresponder we need to configure and connect them to work together So Autoresponder will manage the subscribers and automations and Mail serve will Handel Sending Campaigns and Messages.

After Connecting Mail Server with Autoresponder your Mailing System will be Ready but we are not done yet because your emails won’t Reach inbox. That is why Step 5 is Important

In Step 5 We Have to Warm up our Mail server IP
In Step 5 We Have to Warm up our Mail server Ip to Build Positive Sending Reputations so ISP won’t block our emails.
This Step is important because any one can make mail servers and Send Spam Emails that is why ISP Have built spam filter to block emails Coming from new mail Servers.

When we build new Mail Server, we get neutral Reputation and we are labeled Spammers until we prove we are not so in this step I will Show you Best Practices to follow to Get Your Emails from spam folder to Inbox.
Spammers won’t be able to pass this step but if you are send real emails this is easy to pass.

After Completing These Steps, you Will have Your Own Mailing System.
And Now You Can Send Unlimited Emails Without any Limitations and Do All of the Automations from your own Mailing System. 
You Can Also Take Advantage of Email Marketing Features Like Tagging, Segmentation to Send Personized Emails That Will Convert much better than Regular Emails.
You will be able to Capture leads using surveys, forms and landing Pages without paying any Money.

Just Imagine 
Just Imagine Doing All of this Without paying Any Fee and using The Money to Grow Your Email List.

Imagine Sending Unlimited Emails with Full Control and no restrictions.
I Did This and Saved hundreds of Dollars, then I Used the Same money to Grow My Email List. This Secret Was Limited to Big Companies and Experts and no one Was talking About it. 

I created this 5 Step System
I created this 5 Step System to Give Everybody Access to Golden Egg that Only experts and Companies Were Taking Advantage of.  
I created it so people like you and me can get Rid of monthly fee and send unlimited emails with freedom.
I created this system so everybody will be able to take advantage of Advance Features Like Segmentation Without paying Extra Money.

It took me two months to Create and prefect this System so anybody can Copy past this system to Create Their Own Mailing System.
I Created this System after wasting hundreds of dollars trying to figure out how to make our Own Mailing System.
I Created this System So You Don’t have go through what I have been through.
I am not the only one who is doing this
And you know what I am not the only one who is doing this.
My Friends are not the ones who are doing this.
My Business Partners are not only ones who are doing this
Some of industries top internet Marketers like Anik Singal CEO of Lurn are doing the same.
Because they Know the Advantage and Freedom of Have their own Mailing Systems.
Not Only Anik is Sending Emails to His Own List but He Has Convert this in to Email Marketing Business and Selling Email Marketing Services at Sendlane and Making Huge Recurring Income Every Month.
Anik has Invested hundreds of thousands of dollars to Do this but with my 5 Step System you can do the Same for Almost free. 
want to get your hands on this 5 Step System
So, if you are an action taker and you want to get your hands on this 5 Step System to make your Own Mailing System and get Rid of Monthly Fee to Send Unlimited Emails Without Any Limitations then I present to you My Making Mailing System Training by OutSendNinja.
Let me tell you something It took me two months and hundreds of dollars to Create and prefect this System so anybody can Copy past this system to Create Their Own Mailing System.

After two months of work, Investing Hundreds of Dollars and Almost Quitting I am Proud that I Have Made It Simple Enough That My 14 years old Brother Followed and Created his Own Mailing System all by himself.
Now I want to bring It to your Door Step in this very minute.

Here’s how I can help right now.
Entire System Full Video Training.
Exactly how I create My Own Mailing system to Send 1.3 Million Emails in a Month for free.
Entire Easy to follow System is here

Let Me tell you why I made this Training.
Because this is the way to Make Your Own Mailing System to send Unlimited Emails and to get rid of Email Service Providers Monthly Fee.

I Made This Training Because Email Service Providers Are Taking Advantage You People like you and Me.
I Made this training because No Body is taking about it. 

And I really Want People to know That They Have Better Option to Send Emails without paying hundreds of dollars to Email Service Providers.
I Made this Training Because this method Can be used to Setup a Business and Make Money on Autopilot.

If you Asked an expert to Make a Mailing System
If you Asked an expert to Make a Mailing System for You. You will Be Charged Hundreds if not thousands.
Before Discovering this system, I Ask an Expert to Make Mailing System for me. He Asked $2000 in First Payment and $300 A Month for Maintenance.

With My 5 Step System You Don’t Need That Much Money to make your Own Mailing System.

But Here’s What You Need to Start
  • Number One: Your Need Proven System. Everything you do in life You need System. And I made My 5 Step System After Two Months of Work and Hundreds of Dollars in Investment.
  • Number Two: you need Tools and Commands to Setup you own mailing System. Without these Tools and commands, it will take Days to make a Mailing System but with Tools and Commands I will provide you. You can do it in Few Hour if not Minutes.
  • Number Three: You need Support and Community to Help you 24/7 so you will be able to Make a Mailing System Easily. You need Access to people who have done and you will be able to Do the Same.
But Here’s What You Need to Start
The Video Training Is based on 6 Modules.

In the Video training I will show 3 Methods to Make Mailing Server and 2 Ways to Make Auto responders.
I am Giving you multiple ways to make Mailing System because I Want you to know Every possible way to Make Your Own Mailing System. And we are going to keep adding new Methods.

Training Itself Has Value of Over $1,591

Tools and Commands has Value of Over $347

Community and Support has Value of Over $397

Let me show you what you will Get

  • Step By Step Video Training: ($1,591 Value)
  • Tools and Commands : ($347 Value)
  • Community and Support: ($397 Value)

All of these Has Value Of

Over $2,285 

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Now You Might Be thinking What’s My Investment to get Started?
That’s a million Dollar Question Right.

You know My Brother told me to Price it $247. And I even Sold this Training to My Friends for $197. 

But I am Give You a huge Discount so If You Act Now I am giving You Life-time Access to all of Tools, Training and Support for One-time Payment of Only $47. Click on Button see Below to Get Instant Access Now.
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But Wait I am not even done yet
Today is I am Adding 6 AMAZING Bonuses That No One can Even offer you.


Bonus #1 My $47 EBook “Why Email Traffic is Better” 
In this EBook, I want to give you factual evidence about the power of centering your consumer communication through Email.

No matter what business you are running or planning to run, after this Book, you will be able make Email Marketing the backbone of your business!
Bonus #2 My $67 EBook “Fixing Bad Subject lines” 
90% of the battle is to get people open your Emails. Without an interesting subject line, there’s no reason for someone to click. 

Most Emails Do not get open Because the Subject lines are not good enough to make any one open. that is Why I Create this guide that will help you fix any subject line to make any one open your email.
Bonus #3 My $57 EBook “Email Marketing Do's & Don'ts” 
A lot of People make Mistakes and Do Things Wrong way in Email Marketing That is mainly due to lack of information.

So, We Went a head a List All of Mistakes Beginners Are Making and List What They Should Do Instead.
These Are tested and Proven. So, you need to apply these to get Better Results.
Bonus #4 My $47 EBook “10 Tools for Subject Lines” 
As you're writing your email subject lines, you may find yourself getting stuck trying to come up with ideas or wondering whether you're doing it right.

Luckily, there are several free tools online that will help you write great email subject lines.
I listed ten Tools that Will help you Write Better Email subject lines in Minutes.
Bonus #5 My $47 EBook “10 Tools for Headlines” 
Like Subject lines Writing Headlines Is Hard as well. 
So I went ahead and listed Ten Tools that Will help you Write Better headlines in Minutes.

Bonus #6 My $37 EBook “Email Curse Word Database”
This list is what we consider the ultimate “curse word” database for Email Marketing. And is a resource for words to be cautious. These are all tested and proven to be words that raise red flags.

Using these email curse words will dramatically increase your chances of hitting
the SPAM or junk email box…
These Are what you need to avoid while sending Emails.

These Bonuses Are Worth Over $302 

All of these Has Value Of

And in Total I am Giving you the Value of
over $2,587 for just $47 

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Now I am not the only with my Own Mailing Systems.
My Students Are taking advantage of the tools and trainings to make their own Mailing System.

Look What Zuhaib Khan Has To Say About This.
Zubaib was Struggling to Figure out how to Make his own Mailing System. He invested thousands of Dollars trying to figure out how to do it. 

After Using My tools and Training he was able to make His Own Mailing System in One day and now he Is focusing on Growing his Email List.
“I was able to follow all of the directions in the course. I ended with a working Mailing System that worked perfectly to send emails with 10/10 score! Before taking this course I was paying $270 Every Month to Send Emails. Now I am using Same money to get leads and my email list is growing faster then ever.
By Far the best course overall I have ever taken including some $1000 and $2000 Courses”
Zuhaib Khan
Look At What Gideon Has To Say About This
He thought making Mailing System Was Hard so He never tried.

 But After Joining My Training and Making His Own Mailing System He was So Surprise that it is as Simple as Making Coffee Because All of the Work Is Done for you by the tool. And his Business 100% automated.
“I love how simple it is to Make our own Mailing System. I followed along easily and use the tools that are provided to Make 24/7 Running Mailing Server And Autoresponder.
My Business is Completely Automated and its Free. Thanks Mehdi”
Look At What Anayat Has To Say About This
And Anayat Was looking for Way to send Emails for free. 

Now he has His Own Mailing System and he is Sending Emails without any Contact or Sending Limitations.
“Excellent course! This Course helped me Setup My own Secure Mailing System and Gave me Freedom to send Emails without contacts or sending limits.
Now I am Not Paying Monthly Fee to send Emails. And the Course Instructor Mehdi Hassan is Also very responsive! he Answered my Questions within few hours.”
And Hasnain Was A Complete Beginner 
And look Hasnain was a Complete Beginner to All of this.
But with My Easy to Follow Trainings He Was Able to make His Own Mailing System in Few Hours.
“The Content is very clear, easy to understand and as a beginner, this course is perfect for free.
I Don't know technical stuff much but by following the training I was Able to Make My own Mailing System in Few Hours ”
Look What Naveed Has To Say About This
And Naveed at Other Hand was an Affiliate Marketer and Programmer He Was looking for Efficient way to Send Promotional and Transactional Emails from His site and Apps.
Now not only He sending Emails from His Own Mailing System but he has Scaled it to Make an online business and Now He Has More than 140 paying Customers.
“The Creator is very awesome and is a great instructor!. Now I am sending Emails not just For myself but also for my friends and Clients.
Now I have More then 140 Paying Customers who are paying me Around $20 to $300 Dollars Each and Every Month ”
Different people around the world are Taking advantage of this opportunity and making their own mailing System to sending unlimited Emails with full control.

If you are still watching this, I have Something Special for You.
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Sending Emails Was Free for Me So I Sent Emails for Myself, My friends, And for My Clients.

Clock is ticking So Make Sure to be Part of First 100 Members to Run and host your Mailing System for Free on This Huge Discount. Just Click the Button Below to be part Funding Member Class and get Life-Time Access to All of Tools, Trainings, Bonuses, Community and 24/7 Support.
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I am giving you not 30 days but 60 Day, “LOVE IT OR SHOVE IT” 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!
If my Training, Tools and Support are not the good enough to help you Make your own Mailing System, simply email me and I will return 100% of your money back. No questions asked.
This my full 60 days IRON-CLAD money back guarantee to you. So You Have Absolutely nothing to Worry about.
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All right with That Said I will Take leave. Thank you So much for watching this Video My goals was to spread the word. You better Don’t Miss this opportunity. You are lucky to be here at this time so don’t waste that.
All right Have a Good Day.
Making mailing system
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